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As one of the UK’s leading engineering companies and a global player in Aerospace, Defence and Security. Leonardo offers a variety of exciting early career opportunities and the chance to work on some of the UK’s most challenging engineering programmes.

We are constantly looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team of industry-leading team experts whose innovation and creativity will ensure the UK remains one of the world’s engineering powerhouses.

At any one time we have over 400 people on a range of training schemes at our sites across the UK and operate a worldwide education programme aimed at encouraging young people throughout their academic careers to take an interest in science and technology.

Leonardo is committed to maintaining its skilled workforce, and recognises the need to expand the UK’s pool of engineering resources by supporting initiatives such as the ‘5% Club’ which aims to increase the number of graduates and apprentices in the UK.

Our strategic partnerships with colleges and universities help identify and develop valuable engineering research capabilities and make the transfer from academia to the workplace as easy as possible.

By choosing to join Leonardo, you will work as a part of team dedicated to solving complex engineering challenges which make a real difference to the world around us and help to keep people safe.

Applications are now open for all our apprenticeship programmes at our Scottish and English sites for roles starting in Autumn 2024.

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