Asking Insightful Questions At Events
9 months ago

If you are going to City Century’s events, you're probably going there to find out a bit more information about the top 50 law firms in the UK. So, if you're going, make sure to ask insightful questions! Here are my top tips on how to do that: 

1.    Make a note of questions you already have and bring that list with you to the event. It's completely fine if you go up to somebody with a question that you've already written down, it actually shows you're more prepared for the event.
2.    If you have lots of questions and you need to prioritize them, ask yourself, which of these will actually enhance my application? 
3.    Remember, no question is a silly question. So, ask what genuinely comes to heart.
4.    Try not to ask questions where the answer can be found online. Instead, ask those questions that are more subjective, and you can't really find the answers unless you're speaking to people that work at those firms. 
5.    Ask the question to the right people. There's no point going to a partner and asking, ‘how do you manage a degree alongside your job?’ Ask a solicitor apprentice that!
6.    Take notes of all the answers that you get.

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