How My Course Shaped My Career
4 months ago

Before discussing the course that significantly influenced my career, it's important to acknowledge the course that started it all - my computer science GCSEs, taught by Mrs. Ali, who was a constant source of inspiration. Without her teaching, I might not have pursued computer science further. The way she taught made learning enjoyable, to the extent that I didn't need pen and paper for any of her lessons. After completing my GCSEs in computer science, I continued with the subject for my A-levels, with the aspiration of becoming a software engineer.

During my first year of A-levels, both of my teachers suggested I take advantage of my free holiday days and invest them in enhancing my practical knowledge. They specifically recommended the Girls Who Code (GWC) Summer Immersion program. I applied and was fortunate enough to be accepted, immersing myself in a learning environment where I acquired web development languages alongside peers from various countries worldwide. In addition to programming skills, the program taught me valuable lessons in socializing and teamwork. Although I enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of programming, I began to realize that the software development path wasn't the right fit for me. Despite this, the experience was invaluable as it helped me discover my strengths and preferences.

However, in addition to the program and, through my technology degree apprenticeship, which exposed me to various roles, I found a great interest in Technology Solution Architecture. Other courses such as Morgan Stanley: Step In, Step Up Tech Program, and work experience on Forage, further influenced this transformative journey. After my rewarding three-month experience with the Accenture Microsoft Business Group Solution Architect team, followed by a year in Tech Sales, I am confident that this is the path I am determined to pursue.

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