Get A Step Ahead With Htqs Designed For The Modern Workforce
2 weeks ago

Get a step ahead with HTQs designed for the modern workforce

If you’re looking to gain the technical skills that employers want and need but aren’t sure if University or an Apprenticeship is right for you, HTQs might be the perfect fit!

What are HTQs?
Higher Technical Qualifications (or HTQs), are higher education qualifications available in England at Level 4 and 5 (the equivalent to the first two years of an undergraduate degree). HTQs are aligned to employer led occupational standards, meaning you can graduate with the confidence that your skillset matches what employers are looking for. Many BTEC Higher National qualifications (such as HNCs and HNDs) have been awarded the HTQ quality mark. When you see an HTQ quality mark, you can be sure that the course has been designed with support from employers, and can lead you to real occupational outcomes.

"The course content fully aligns with our business needs and the expectations we have from the training routes we pursue for the development of our trainees to become competent engineers in the future.” 

- Andrew Stokes, Employer, Derry Building Services


How can studying a BTEC Higher National HTQ help my career?

  • Gain technical skills: through practical work-related learning, you’ll gain up-to-date industry expertise. The employers who have helped to design HTQs have made sure that the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed throughout your studies are relevant to the real world. 
  • Specialist study: the course content has been carefully optimised and aligned to specific careers. You will learn specialist modules that align to your aspirations, helping you to get ahead in your career.
  • Higher earning potential: HTQs can lead to highly skilled, high paid roles. In fact, graduates with a HND have also been known to have a higher earning potential once they enter the world of work compared to those with a degree (CVER report).

How can I make studying a BTEC Higher National HTQ work for me?

  • Flexible study: many institutions will offer full and part time study options, giving you the flexibility to study alongside other commitments you may have. Modular HTQ study options are also available, meaning you can study bite-sized course content, and also build up to a full HNC / HND over time.
  • Affordability: with HTQs being offered in colleges, institutes of technology (IoTs) and universities across England, there’s the opportunity for you to study locally to help keep costs lower. In addition to this, HTQ tuition fees are £6,000 per year on average (this is a third lower than average university fees).

I knew I didn’t want to go to a large university and wanted to take a more practical route into my career. After deliberating for a while, I decided that the best option was in fact the HND Computing course at the College; it fit in with all my needs and its HTQ status added more value to the qualification. I’m loving my experience here and can say with absolute certainty that I made the best decision.” - Chloe Caine (HND Computing graduate)

To find out more about BTEC Higher Nationals and HTQs, visit our website where you can find out further information. You can also speak to your local college to find out which subjects they offer, and when their next Open Day dates are.


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