Unlock Support And Opportunity With Our Degree Level 6 Apprenticeships
2 months ago

Meet Charlie Beckwith, Architectural Assistant at AtkinsRéalis, who discovered his path and talent in architecture through an apprenticeship! Charlie shares his journey and the role AtkinsRéalis played in shaping his career:

AtkinsRéalis helped me turn my interests into my ideal career.

All I knew was that I wanted to do an apprenticeship, but I wasn't sure in what field. My passion for design led me to explore creative apprenticeships. And that's how I discovered architecture and AtkinsRéalis. My decision to join AtkinsRéalis was hugely influenced by the organization's reputation and attractive apprenticeship programme. It also helped that my Grandad, a principal civil engineer at AtkinsRéalis, had always spoken highly of the organization.

"Growing up, I wasn't sure of my true passions. In secondary, a tutor encouraged me to take engineering. Being creative, I also picked Art. I loved these subjects, and they sparked my passion for design. Still, when I finished school. I had no idea what I wanted to do. All I knew was I wanted to do an apprenticeship and start learning and earning." —Charlie, Degree Apprentice Architecture

Balancing apprenticeship and university life

One of the challenges I initially faced was balancing my apprenticeship with university studies. Over time, I've learned the importance of preparation, regular communication with tutors – and the support I receive from AtkinsRéalis. The company's flexible working culture, which supports a hybrid office and remote work model, has helped me manage these commitments. My colleagues are amazing – we have a friendly office environment with plenty of young professionals my age.

AtkinsRéalis assigned me a buddy to help with any software or company questions and a mentor I have a weekly catch-up with to talk through office work and university work. Besides enjoying plenty of advice, I always feel welcome to ask anything. This is all managed and supported by my line manager, who ensures I receive the correct guidance and support.

"The support of colleagues, from peers and seniors, has been the biggest benefit to my apprenticeship. It allows the guidance and knowledge that I would otherwise lack." —Charlie, Degree Apprentice Architecture

AtkinsRéalis experiences you won't want to miss!

I've also enjoyed the social groups across the company, which cultivate a strong sense of community. One of my favourite events was the annual ski trip. It was action-packed, with plenty of opportunities to meet new people across the organization on different activities. I met apprentices and graduates at AtkinsRéalis from offices I wouldn't usually have contact with.

What I love about my team in Epsom

The atmosphere in the studio has been very friendly since my first day. Everyone is approachable, embodying the ethos: "No question is a bad question." This is vital to our positive studio dynamic. Our area has a large communal meeting space, allowing collaboration and design reviews.

"Every Monday, we have a meeting as a team which brings everyone together to discuss different updates and things to look forward to as a team. Many social events allow us to socialize outside of the working environment. Working in the Epsom office showcases the importance of days inside the office – it gives us so many opportunities to support one another and enjoy a positive working environment." —Charlie, Degree Apprentice Architecture

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