The Different Stages Of A Degree Apprenticeship Application Process
4 months ago

Applying for degree apprenticeships can be a daunting process… but the first step to feeling comfortable with this experience is understanding what it may entail. This blog will run through some of the potential application stages you may go through when applying for a degree apprenticeship. Please note: This is just a guidance, so view the job description to see what the company’s specific process is.

  • Initial details / CV / Cover letter

The first step in the process is usually a simple submission of your personal details, CV and potentially a cover letter. You will be explaining your experience, qualifications, education level and key skills for the company to make an initial judgement of if you have the right qualities to work there. Top tip: don’t lie because they will find out the truth!

  • Psychometric Tests

Some companies choose to put their candidates through a psychometric test, which is a tool used to evaluate various aspects of your personality, cognitive abilities, skills, and behavioural traits. Some simple Maths and English tests might be required as well as situational tests such as ‘what would you choose to do in this situation?’.

  • Long written questions

The company may want to understand more in-depth details about you by asking for a long-written response to specific questions. These answers can usually range from 150 – 500 words and will usually be based upon your aspirations for the job, why you’re particularly interested in the sector and your motivations for wanting to do a degree apprenticeship. These are only a few areas, but they could ask you about a range of topics!

  • Interview

I can almost guarantee that you will be interviewed at least once during the application process… Interviews can either be in-person, virtual or pre-recorded these days, and the aim of them is for the interviewer to understand more about your experience/qualifications, get to know your personality and see how you respond to certain questions based around the job description.

  • Assessment Centre

An assessment centre is usually one of the final stages of the application process. Typically, an assessment centre will last a few hours and will involve group challenges and/or presentations. The company will want to see how you work in a group, how you handle pressure and think on your feet. You may also be asked to complete individual assessments and another individual interview during this stage. This is a great opportunity to meet current apprentices who might be involved in the activities and show off your skills to those assessing you! Despite this being a great time to excel and show your potential, remember to not steal the limelight from anyone and work with the other candidates to show you are a team player.

  • Offer

This is personally my favourite stage… the offer! You will usually find out a few days after the last stage whether you have got the job or not. You will be sent a contract to sign and the celebrations will begin that all your hard work paid off!

If there are any questions following along from this, please feel free to contact my on LinkedIn or my Instagram (Myconsultantcareer).

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