A Woman’s New Beginning In It Finance
4 months ago

My journey from being an A-level student to a Finance Apprentice in the dynamic industry of IT has been nothing short of exciting. I am eager to share the experiences that I have had at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in the past few months and offer some guidance to fellow women aspiring to join this industry.

During sixth form college, I knew university did not feel like my future. Everyone around me was buzzing with the idea of university but I felt out of place; I didn’t feel the same as them. I knew if I went to university, it would’ve capped my potential to thrive compared to where I am right now. So, after endless applications, online assessments, and interviews, I landed my job with HPE. I don’t regret my decision to accept at all.

Currently, I’m also working towards achieving Level 3 of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification. This certification will allow me to transfer my theoretical knowledge to my practical experience. My days are full of analysis, reporting and problem-solving. One project that has stood out is innovating a deal- tracking process for our financial analysts. I had to dissect every aspect of the current process, identify the grey areas and brainstorm solutions.

It was a lot to take in and it feels like I have jumped into the deep end, but I know this ongoing project will teach me how to swim. As I continue refining this project, I am reminded that innovation is a journey and results are not seen overnight. This same concept can be applied to launching your career.

Women play a crucial role in the IT industry, we bring diversity, different skills, and insights to the table. With the evolution of the digital age, the need for innovation and problem-solving grows with this. Women can bring their unique experiences and approaches to drive this change in the industry. This creates a pool of talent whilst cultivating a culture of innovation and excellence that will benefit organisations and society. I can see this at HPE and it’s a great environment to thrive in. We have activities planned for the week of International Women’s Day globally.

Here is some advice I want to give to women who wish to pursue a career in IT or Finance:

  • Embrace your journey. It will not be a linear process, it’s a rollercoaster with twists, turns and drops. I did not wake up one day, do an interview and land a job. Rejection is something you can bounce back from, there is a better opportunity waiting to find you.
  • Continue learning. The IT industry is constantly evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with. Always stay curious and have a growth mindset to learn.
  • Be confident. It may be daunting to work in a male-dominated industry but have trust in yourself and take the lead when opportunities arise.
  • Network and support other women. Build connections and find mentors who can offer you guidance. As you climb in your career journey, you’ll be a role model to other women too. If a year ago Neha could see me right now, I would look up to her.

To all the women embarking on their journey into IT or Finance, embrace the challenge and let your creativity bloom. Happy International Women’s Day!

You can connect with Neha Patel on LinkedIn to keep up to date with her apprentice journey!

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