Changing the way that young people engage with brands

Not Going To Uni was founded in 2008 to showcase the alternatives to the standard university route to school and college leavers. Since then it has become one of the best known and recognised brands in the market, regularly asked to comment on issues in the market by many media outlets including the BBC and Sky. Our longevity in the market allied with the content on our website means we are highly visible online

We are on a mission to change the way that young people engage with brands and discover their future careers. We work closely with Schools, Colleges, Careers Advisers and our team of NGTU Ambassadors to drive awareness of the fantastic alternatives to university.

We generate millions of page impressions each year from visitors to the site, which in turn leads to thousands of applications for our customers. We work with a huge variety of customers: Enterprise Employers, Training Providers, FE colleges, Gap Year Providers and SMEs, helping them with their attraction campaigns and building attraction strategies that deliver results.

Our Company's Values

We're a company built on supporting young people in finding their future careers.
We're a company with a responsibility to give back to our community.
We're a company that pursues excellence and simplicity in all aspects.

Key Facts

The #1 website for school and college leavers!

Over 65,000 followers across our social channels!

Over 50 ambassadors who create helpful content and give advice about all things early careers.

An average of 600 jobs are live on the website at any one time.

An average of 70 employers advertise their opportunities on our website at any one time.

An average of 3 new blogs get added every week on our Advice Hub, which provides lots of helpful tips, tricks and advice.