What Careers Are Available In The Creative Industries?
5 months ago

Did you know there are 16 creative industries? If you feel like you are a lot more of a creative individual then one of these options could be a great career pathway for you. Take a look at all of them below: 

  1. Advertising, Marketing & PR
  2. Architecture
  3. Arts & Crafts
  4. Culture & Heritage
  5. Design
  6. Digital Media
  7. Fashion
  8. Film & TV
  9. Games
  10. Music
  11. Radio, Podcasts & Audio
  12. Photography & Videography
  13. Publishing
  14. Theatre & Performing Arts
  15. Writing & Journalism
  16. VFX & Animation


How do you get into the creative industry? 

We recommend downloading the ERIC app! Who is ERIC? Think of them as your pre-job power boost. Connecting you to resources, opportunities and events, so you can gain experience for your CV or Portfolio. 


About the ERIC App


The FREE app is primarily for young people who are 16+ with an interest in careers in the creative industries. You can discover thousands of creative internships, bootcamps, events, training schemes, courses & more. 

It’s a great time-saving tool that removes the burden of having to search the internet for career opportunities in the creative industries. The ERIC app finds all the opportunities scattered across the web and brings everything into one easy-to-access place so everyone can effortlessly and quickly access the opportunities that are right for them. 

On average, they publish between 20-30 new opportunities on the app every day. The ERIC app is UK-wide. When you sign up for the app, you can select your nearest town or city to see opportunities in and around your region. They also have lots of fully-remote/online-only opportunities available.


What opportunities will you find on the app?

Everything is aimed for those with zero to no experience. 

  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Events
  • Competitions & Grants
  • Training Schemes
  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Work experience
  • Runner roles
  • Freelance roles
  • Junior roles
  • Mentoring schemes
  • CV and portfolio support
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Videos


How does the ERIC App work? 

Step 1 - Sign up (which is free) and tell the app your interests, age & background. 

Step 2 - Browse a curated feed of creative opportunities & experiences that they’ve matched you to.

Step 3 - Search for keywords, follow your favourite brands or save anything of interest to you for later. New stuff gets posted every day!


Why should you download the ERIC App?

  • Find experience to put on your CV or portfolio - All the stuff on the app is perfect for putting on your CV under ‘experience’, ready for when you do apply for a job.
  • Nobody finds creative opportunities quite like ERIC - browse more creative opportunities on their platform than any other. You’ll never get FOMO again - they truly do find everything. 
  • Discover companies that might suit you - they make it easy for you to find out about new companies or industries that you didn’t know about but might like to explore too.
  • ERIC has supported 150,000 young people to date.
  • 90% of users have said ERIC helped them progress in their creative career.
  • 85% of ERIC users feel more confident about a career in the creative industries. 


We recommend downloading the ERIC app if you want to discover thousands of opportunities, guidance and advice around all the creative industries! You can also find our Not Going To Uni profile on there, which has lots of our own helpful content to help you find your dream career.

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