Leveraging Pinterest For Attraction And Recruitment Of Apprentices And School And College Leavers
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In today's digital age, the recruitment landscape is evolving rapidly, and businesses must adapt to attract top talent. While traditional recruitment platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor remain popular, innovative companies are turning to less conventional social media platforms to reach a broader audience. Pinterest, often associated with DIY projects and recipe boards, has emerged as a powerful tool for recruitment, particularly for apprentices and school and college leavers. Here's how businesses can leverage Pinterest to attract and recruit the next generation of talent.


Understanding Pinterest's Unique Appeal


Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform where users create and share collections of images, known as "pins," organised on boards. With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest offers a unique way to engage with a visually driven audience. This platform is viral among younger demographics, making it an ideal channel for targeting apprentices and school and college leavers.


Building a Strong Employer Brand


Pinterest allows companies to showcase their brand visually, crucial for attracting young talent. Businesses can create boards highlighting their company culture, work environment, and employee experiences. For example, a company could have boards dedicated to:


  • Company Culture: Showcasing team-building activities, office events, and day-to-day life at the company.


  • Employee Stories: Featuring profiles and testimonials from current apprentices and employees.


  • Career Opportunities: Highlighting available apprenticeship programs, internships, and entry-level positions.


By creating visually appealing content that reflects the company's values and culture, businesses can attract candidates who resonate with their brand.


Showcasing Career Paths and Development Opportunities


One key factor that attracts apprentices and school and college leavers is the potential for growth and development. Pinterest boards can outline various career paths within the company, detailing the progression from entry-level to advanced roles. Companies can create pins that include the following:


  • Infographics: Visual representations of career progression and development opportunities.


  • Videos: Short clips featuring employees discussing their career journeys and the training they received.


  • Workshops and Training Sessions: Photos and descriptions of workshops, seminars, and training programs available to employees.


This approach informs potential candidates about growth opportunities and demonstrates the company's commitment to employee development.


Engaging Content Creation


To attract the attention of young job seekers, businesses need to create engaging and visually appealing content. Some content ideas include:


  • Behind-the-Scenes Looks: Photos and videos that glimpse the daily operations and work environment.


  • Tips and Advice: Pins that offer career advice, interview tips, and resume-building guidance.


  • Interactive Content: Quizzes and polls related to career interests and skills.


By providing valuable and engaging content, companies can position themselves as thought leaders and trusted advisors in the eyes of potential candidates.


Utilising Pinterest's Search and Discovery Features


Pinterest's search and discovery features can significantly enhance a company's recruitment efforts. Businesses can use relevant keywords and hashtags to ensure their pins appear in searches conducted by users interested in careers and apprenticeships. Additionally, Pinterest's algorithm promotes content based on user interests, increasing the visibility of pins related to recruitment.


Promoted Pins and Advertising


For businesses looking to expand their reach, Pinterest offers advertising options such as Promoted Pins. These paid placements appear in users' feeds and search results, increasing the likelihood of reaching a targeted audience. Companies can use Promoted Pins to advertise specific job openings, apprenticeship programs, and recruitment events.


Measuring Success


To gauge the effectiveness of their Pinterest recruitment strategy, businesses should track key metrics such as:


  • Pin Engagement: The number of saves, likes, and comments on recruitment-related pins.


  • Website Traffic: The amount of traffic driven to the company's career page from Pinterest.

  • Application Rates: The number of applications from candidates who discovered the opportunity through Pinterest.


By analysing these metrics, companies can refine their strategy and optimise content to attract and engage young talent.


Pinterest offers businesses a unique and powerful platform to attract and recruit apprentices and school and college leavers. Companies can effectively reach and engage with the next generation of talent by creating visually engaging content, showcasing career development opportunities, and leveraging Pinterest's search and discovery features. Embracing Pinterest as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy can help businesses stand out in a competitive job market and build a strong pipeline of future leaders.

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