Ways To Destress And Relax From Your Studies/ Work Over This Festive Break
6 months ago

The Christmas break is a great time to unwind and relax after a hectic year of studying and work. I always find the Christmas period to be the best time to take a break, but to also focus on my goals that I have achieved / want to achieve over the year.

To destress and relax during this festive season, there are several ways you can embrace this.

Firstly, engaging in mindfulness practices is a great start. Taking time for meditation or deep breathing exercises will help your mind and it can alleviate stress. Additionally, getting outside / in nature, whether it's a quick walk in a nearby park or enjoying the winter scenery, can provide a sense of tranquillity and calm!

Another way to destress and relax is by getting creative -  a fantastic outlet for relaxation. Trying out new crafts such as painting, writing, or even cooking up some festive treats can be both enjoyable and therapeutic!

Disconnecting from technology for a while also allows for a break from the constant digital buzz, contributing to a more peaceful atmosphere. This can be taking a break completely off your phone, or maybe removing your social media apps for a set amount of time!

Prioritising self-care is crucial during this time. Pampering with a long bath, a favourite book, or practicing yoga can all contribute to a sense of well-being. I am a sucker for a self care evening, and I always love to buy all new face and hair masks, have some good food, and get my loved ones to join in with me too!

Reaching out to friends and family, either through in-person gatherings or virtual meet-ups helps with connection and support, which can be incredibly comforting during the holidays. Seeing those you normally don’t, or travelling to surprise those you love is another way to relax over this festive period.

Lastly, engaging in physical activity, whether it's a going to the gym, dancing to festive songs, or practicing yoga, can release endorphins and reduce stress levels. Finding a balance between relaxation and enjoyable physical activities is key to feeling refreshed and relaxed over the Christmas break. I am someone who loves going on long walks, and I find that over the christmas break, it is a perfect time to wrap up warm, and get outside!

The Christmas break presents a golden opportunity to unwind and recharge by completing various relaxation techniques, prioritising self-care, connecting with loved ones, and indulging in activities that bring joy and peace of mind! I know I will be going into the New Year with a clear mind and headset, knowing I am relaxed, and I have used the break wisely! I will also be setting my goals, and knowing that I don’t need to do everything this year, but instead to be happy with what I have achieved, and that what will be, will be!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and fab New Year! 

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