Assessment Centre – My Experience And Top Tips
7 months ago

Hi, I’m Yana, a first- year Strategy & Consulting Degree Apprentice at Accenture. As assessment centres approach, I'm excited to share my insights and top tips based on my experience!

The format of assessment centres varies from one company to another. In my case, it was half a day and took place virtually. It consisted of paired exercises, immersive assessments, and interviews, alongside a Q&A to learn more about life at Accenture. It is important to note that the assessment centre contains tasks that will mimic things that you will do at the company. So, use it as a learning curve to enhance your skill set and don’t be worried if you haven’t done anything like it before.

Here are some tips I have:

  • Like many candidates, I found myself quite nervous about the assessment centre. However, my foremost piece of advice is, don't let nerves get the best of you! Assessment centres can often feel intense and overwhelming, but it's crucial to recognise that everyone is navigating the same challenges as you. If you're feeling stressed or anxious, rest assured that others are most likely experiencing similar emotions. Remind yourself that reaching this final stage is a testament to your abilities. Have confidence in your skills and a positive attitude!


  • Next, I recommend thoroughly researching the company. Understanding their core values and the nature of their work is crucial. This knowledge becomes invaluable during your interview, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate the company's values into your responses. This not only demonstrates your awareness but also highlights your authentic connection with the organisation’s ethos.


  • For my assessment centre, we had to do a presentation. We knew this beforehand so I had time to prepare. This part of the assessment centre is in your control, so use that to your advantage. Prepare as much as you can and know your presentation inside out. Researching the company becomes crucial at this stage, adding depth to your presentation and establishing a meaningful connection with the organisation. From my experience, reading blogs, articles and case studies can really help at this stage. You can connect your ideas with what the company already has in place, allowing the interviewer to understand your thought process more seamlessly.


  • Embrace the opportunity to showcase your personality during the interview. It's common to become more serious when nerves kick in, causing us to deviate from our authentic selves. However, it's crucial to consciously ease into the interview, allowing your genuine personality to shine through. Remember, being true to yourself is key in creating a more relaxed and genuine atmosphere during the interview!


  • Networking is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Join LinkedIn and connect with degree apprentices at your target company. Sending them a quick message can result in you gaining valuable advice from someone who has navigated the same process. It's a great way to gain insight and prepare more effectively.

I really hope that this was helpful, feel free to reach out for any further advice. My LinkedIn is ‘Yana Sharma’. Good luck everyone 

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