How My Apprenticeship In Private Banking Shaped My Career
4 months ago

I have been an advocate of apprenticeship programmes since I was in sixth form which was over 6 years ago now and I see the greatness they do for students like myself. 

A student who comes from a disadvantaged background, and has an illness, which felt like a barrier when it came to going down the traditional route of going to university and securing my dream role. But through an apprenticeship programme, I was proudly able to do that whilst bringing my whole self to the table. Being able to learn on the job whilst being surrounded by many different talented individuals in my company is one of the things I enjoy about my apprenticeship. I am an individual that enjoys networking as I am aware of all the benefits that come with building a solid network.

An apprenticeship gives you many opportunities and teaches you a variety of ways to

develop. For example, I met someone through my apprenticeship who gave me the chance to feature in a podcast where I was allowed to touch on disabilities and raise awareness for my illness sickle cell. I also became an author and wrote a chapter in a book filled with many other student stories.

My life has more meaning than it did a few years ago and that’s all thanks to my role, I have a purpose and objectives I want to achieve that I wouldn’t have thought of without my education programme. I have a platform from my apprenticeship which I plan to use to continue to work on my brand.

Not going to university has been the silver lining in my life that I needed. I could go on about all the amazing ways an apprenticeship gave me a new way of thinking and carved a new path for me to hit all my career goals as there are so many.

More people need to hear of all the ways an apprenticeship can benefit them and I am focused on being the one to spread the word!

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