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The sports and leisure sectors offer exciting and diverse career opportunities for school leavers. These industries are vital for promoting health, fitness, and well-being, as well as providing entertainment and recreational activities.

Opportunities in the Sports Sector

Sports Coach

Sports coaches train and mentor athletes, helping them improve their skills and performance. School leavers can start as assistant coaches or through coaching apprenticeships, gaining experience and relevant coaching qualifications. Responsibilities include planning training sessions, providing feedback, and promoting teamwork. This role is ideal for those passionate about sports and working with people.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors lead exercise classes, provide personal training, and offer fitness advice to clients. School leavers can enter this role by obtaining fitness certifications, such as those offered by REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals). Responsibilities include designing workout plans, demonstrating exercises, and ensuring client safety. This role offers opportunities for specialisation in areas such as yoga, Pilates, or strength training.


Lifeguards ensure the safety of swimmers at pools, beaches, and water parks. School leavers can start by completing a lifeguard training course, such as the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification. Duties include monitoring swimming areas, performing rescues, and providing first aid. This role is crucial for maintaining a safe environment for recreational water activities.

Sports Development Officer

Sports development officers work to increase participation in sports and physical activities within communities. School leavers can enter this role through apprenticeships or entry-level positions in sports organisations. Responsibilities include organising events, developing programmes, and working with schools and community groups. This role requires strong organisational and communication skills.

Physical Education (PE) Assistant

PE assistants support PE teachers in delivering sports and physical education lessons in schools. School leavers can start in this role with relevant qualifications and experience working with children. Duties include setting up equipment, assisting with lessons, and encouraging student participation. This role offers a pathway to becoming a qualified PE teacher.

Opportunities in the Leisure Sector

Leisure Centre Assistant

Leisure centre assistants help manage facilities, assist customers, and ensure the smooth operation of leisure centres. School leavers can start in this role with minimal qualifications and receive on-the-job training. Responsibilities include customer service, equipment maintenance, and supporting fitness classes. This role provides a broad introduction to the leisure industry.

Hospitality Apprentice

Hospitality apprenticeships offer school leavers the chance to gain experience and qualifications in the leisure and hospitality industry. These programmes cover areas such as customer service, event management, and catering. Completing a hospitality apprenticeship can lead to roles such as event coordinator, hospitality manager, or catering supervisor.

Recreation Assistant

Recreation assistants support the operation of recreational facilities, such as parks, sports centres, and holiday camps. School leavers can enter this role with relevant qualifications and receive training provided by employers. Duties include organising activities, maintaining facilities, and ensuring visitor safety. This role is ideal for those who enjoy working outdoors and with diverse groups of people.

Event Assistant

Event assistants help plan and execute various events, from sports competitions to community festivals. School leavers can start in this role through entry-level positions or apprenticeships in event management. Responsibilities include coordinating logistics, liaising with vendors, and assisting with event promotion. This role requires strong organisational and multitasking skills.

Travel and Tourism Apprentice

Travel and tourism apprenticeships provide a pathway for school leavers to enter the leisure and tourism industry. These programmes combine practical experience with academic study, covering areas such as tour operations, customer service, and travel planning. Completing an apprenticeship can lead to roles like travel agent, tour guide, or tourism manager.

Whether you start as a sports coach, fitness instructor, or leisure centre assistant, there are many pathways to develop your skills and advance your career. With the right training and experience, you can build a successful and fulfilling career in these vibrant industries. Start exploring your options today and take the first step towards a promising future in sports and leisure.

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