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The Creative, Media and Design sector in the UK offers a wealth of opportunities for school leavers passionate about artistic expression, digital media, and design innovation. This sector encompasses a diverse range of fields, including graphic design, animation, film production, advertising, and digital marketing.



Apprenticeships in creative media and design provide hands-on experience and formal training, enabling school leavers to develop their skills while earning a wage.

·       Graphic Design Apprenticeships: These programs focus on visual communication, branding, and digital design, preparing apprentices for roles in advertising agencies, design studios, or in-house creative teams.

·       Digital Marketing Apprenticeships: Covering areas such as social media marketing, content creation, and analytics, these apprenticeships offer opportunities to work with digital agencies, media companies, or marketing departments.

·       Film and TV Production Apprenticeships: Providing training in various aspects of film and television production, including camera operation, editing, and production management, apprenticeships in this field can lead to roles in film studios, TV networks, or independent production companies.



Traineeships offer short-term placements and training programs to help school leavers develop foundational skills and explore potential career paths in the creative media and design sector.

·       Creative Traineeships: These programs provide exposure to different aspects of the creative process, such as graphic design, video editing, or content creation, helping trainees build a portfolio and identify areas of interest.

·       Digital Media Traineeships: Focused on digital content production and distribution, these traineeships cover skills like social media management, web design, and multimedia storytelling.


Entry-Level Positions

Entry-level positions in the creative media and design sector offer school leavers valuable experience and opportunities for career advancement.

·       Junior Graphic Designers: Assisting with design projects, creating visual assets, and collaborating with senior designers to develop creative concepts.

·       Production Assistants: Supporting the production team with tasks such as set design, equipment setup, and administrative duties on film and TV sets.

·       Digital Marketing Assistant: Helping with content creation, social media management, and campaign analysis to support digital marketing efforts.



Volunteering in the creative media and design sector allows school leavers to gain practical experience, build networks, and contribute to meaningful projects.

·       Community Arts Projects: Volunteering with local organizations or community groups on art installations, public murals, or cultural events.

·       Student Media Outlets: Contributing to student-run newspapers, magazines, or radio stations to gain experience in journalism, editing, or broadcasting.


Government and NGO Programs

Government agencies and NGOs offer programs and initiatives to support young people interested in pursuing careers in creative media and design.

·       Creative Skillset: Provides resources, training programs, and industry insights to support career development in the creative industries.

·       Arts Council England: Offers funding opportunities, apprenticeships, and initiatives to promote artistic talent and diversity in the creative sector.


The Creative, Media and Design sector in the UK presents exciting opportunities for school leavers to channel their creativity, passion, and talent into rewarding careers. Through apprenticeships, traineeships, entry-level positions, volunteering, and programs offered by government and NGOs, young individuals can embark on fulfilling pathways in graphic design, film production, digital marketing, and other creative fields. This sector not only offers avenues for artistic expression but also the chance to contribute to culture, entertainment, and communication in a digital age.

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