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The Automotive and Mechanic sector in the UK offers numerous opportunities for school leavers, providing pathways to rewarding careers in vehicle maintenance, repair, and automotive technology. This sector is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation systems and includes roles in car dealerships, garages, manufacturing plants, and specialised repair shops.



Apprenticeships in the automotive and mechanic sector combine practical work experience with academic learning, allowing school leavers to earn while gaining professional qualifications.

·       Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeships: These programs cover diagnostics, servicing, and repairing a range of vehicles. Major car manufacturers and local garages offer these apprenticeships, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

·       Automotive Engineering Apprenticeships: Focused on the design, development, and manufacturing of vehicles, these apprenticeships offer roles in automotive companies and parts suppliers.



Traineeships offer short-term, flexible programs designed to prepare school leavers for apprenticeships or employment by providing essential skills and experience.

·       Automotive Traineeships: These programs offer placements in garages and car dealerships, covering basic car maintenance, customer service, and workshop safety.

·       Parts and Service Traineeships: Focused on the supply chain side of the automotive industry, these traineeships involve managing inventory, ordering parts, and assisting with logistics.


Entry-Level Positions

Entry-level positions in the automotive and mechanic sector provide an excellent starting point for school leavers, offering practical experience and opportunities for career progression.

·       Junior Mechanics: Assisting senior mechanics with vehicle diagnostics, repairs, and routine maintenance tasks.

·       Service Advisors: Working in car dealerships or garages, service advisors interact with customers, manage service bookings, and coordinate repair schedules.

·       Parts Assistants: Managing parts inventory, assisting with ordering and stocking parts, and providing support to mechanics.


Further Education and Training

School leavers can pursue further education to gain specialised knowledge and qualifications in the automotive and mechanic sector. Various colleges and training providers offer relevant courses and certifications.

·       City & Guilds Qualifications: Offering a range of qualifications in automotive repair, vehicle fitting, and diagnostics.

·       IMI Awards: The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) provides qualifications in automotive maintenance, repair, and technical services.

·       Foundation Degrees: Two-year programs that combine academic study with practical experience in automotive engineering and technology.



Volunteering provides school leavers with practical experience, helps them build networks, and enhances their resumes.

·       Community Workshops: Volunteering at community automotive workshops or charity garages, assisting with vehicle repairs and maintenance for those in need.

·       Motorsport Teams: Volunteering with amateur motorsport teams, providing support in areas such as pit crew assistance, vehicle maintenance, and logistics.


The Automotive and Mechanic sector in the UK offers numerous opportunities for school leavers, providing pathways to secure and rewarding careers. Through apprenticeships, traineeships, entry-level positions, further education and volunteering, young individuals can gain the skills and experience needed to thrive in this dynamic field. This sector not only offers job security but also the chance to work with cutting-edge technology and play a crucial role in maintaining the vehicles that keep the country moving.

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