Pen Tester Starter Collection

Pen testers are focused on penetration testing of different systems and their levels of security programs. They are there to detect, prevent and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Why choose the Pen Tester Starter collection?

In contrast to ethical hacking, a pen tester seeks and reports on vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks and software by using hacking techniques and tools. Our Pen Tester Starter collection is ideal for anyone looking to develop their cyber security career.

Collection guide, The key facts about your online training-

Vendor: CompTIA

Provider: Skillsoft

Student support: StudentCare™, Career Services and expert mentors

Prerequisites: None

Assessment: Exam based

Assessment: Exam based

Ideal for: problem solvers, gamers, Cyber security professionals, Ethical Hackers , those who love a challenge and find the allure of ethically breaking into a companies defences appealing, and anyone looking to begin a new career in Pen Testing

Why learn with us?

  • They’ll get you career-ready and help place you into the industry
  • Accredited by CompTIA, Skillsoft, The Project Management Institute and much more
  • Receive award-winning digital education
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  • Support from a global community of over 30,000 students
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 Published on 2023-08-26
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