"the Support Of My Team Leader, Peers And Experience I'm Gaining Assure Me That I'll Remain At The Top Throughout The Rest Of My Working Life."
8 years ago

When I started my first year of university at Newcastle, I realised what I thought would be the perfectly planned future, wasn’t. I felt more lost at university than I did accomplished. So I made the decision to pull out after my first year exams.

I realised I wanted and needed to start on a new career path. So I looked into apprenticeships at Sky, which appealed to me a lot. Sky being the well-known, respected company that it is, I immediately submitted my CV and eagerly awaited a response.

Sky came back saying they were interested in bringing me into their scheme. I worked my way through the training and I’m now in my 5thmonth as a Sales Advisor for Sky. The title ‘Sales Advisor’ is not strictly reflective of my job role. My department, Drop Out Recovery team, deal with a range of different call types. Since working here, I’ve learnt how to save customers from cancelling, deal with objections and generally give good customer service on every call.

At this point, I feel very driven and motivated in my job. I feel much more in control of my future, and that I am doing something worthwhile. The opportunities that Sky provide - I’ve no doubt that I’ll take advantage of which will help me succeed.

This apprenticeship hasn’t only helped me find my career path, but has also helped me in many other areas of life too. My colleagues have now become some of my closest friends. We work closely as a group and we're always learning and improving through each other. I am now earning a wage, which contributes towards building my personal life - for example saving for the deposit on my first home.

I’m part of a company that I am fully involving and dedicating myself to daily, doing off call tasks and gaining experience. I know already that looking ahead my plans sit with Sky where hopefully I can continue to prove myself capable of taking on bigger and better things, such as stepping into Management.

I didn’t know what to expect coming into this role or into this company, but I do wonder where I would be if that opportunity hadn’t presented itself. I am very proud of my achievements already and have no plans to leave Sky. The support of my team leader and my peers, together with the benefits and experience I am gaining at Sky, assure me that I'll remain at the top throughout the rest of my working life.

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