"it’s Great To Have The Freedom To Be Ourselves And Just Have A Great Conversation."
8 years ago

Our vision within the Customer Service Group is to offer the best service in the country and our team in Newcastle made sure they put customer’s at the heart of everything they do and love resolving queries in a helpful, upbeat and positive way.

“When we’re on the phones we don’t want too sound scripted, we want to work with to each customer and their own needs, so it’s great to have the freedom to be ourselves and just have a great conversation. To help us be at our best, we get involved in regular focus groups and coaching sessions to discuss why our customers love us and share our suggestions on what we can do to make their experience even better!

Working as one team, we share new ideas and concepts with our colleagues and encourage each other to try new things, this keeps our role fresh and exciting. Our leaders also use these ideas to create fun team activities to help us to develop and be at our best.

What’s even better is that we’re always being recognised for the great service we provide. We get “Shine” awards on a monthly and quarterly basis; this is a Sky award to recognise great achievements. We also have team awards to recognise groups of people who work together to offer great service.

Offering the best service in the country is really important and rewarding for to everyone at the Newcastle offices and we’re proud to have been ‘highly commended’ at the 2015 CCA awards,for the Contact Centre Team of the Year.”

Penny, Newcastle - Contact Centre

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