Networks And Drainage Engineering
2 months ago

Business area: Infrastructure – Networks and Drainage Engineering

What qualification are you studying towards?: BEng in Civil Engineering 

What made you decide to pursue an apprenticeship? 

I chose an apprenticeship ultimately because I’m a very hands on learner. Being fully immersed in an environment where I’m expected to add value to work makes me perform; it’s a kind of pressure that I enjoy and that has pushed me to achieve. Also, I knew university wasn’t the right route for me to take. I’d got a place at university but knew that the style of learning on an apprenticeship offered suited me better.  

What social, society or CSR activities have you been involved with at Atkinsréalis?

Recently with Atkinsréalis my team took a volunteer day. This is a paid day where we were able to go to a local charity and help out. We worked alongside the charity to paint and redecorate their offices and they were able to educate us on what they do and the difference they make. It was a really enjoyable day. We were able to get out the office, help other people and have a laugh doing it – they were so grateful and sent over a card with photos of the day which I heavily featured on which was fun! 

What are you most proud of achieving? 

I was recently Seconded to HPC as part of the Site engineering team or SET, I had been working on the project for around 6 months beforehand and gained valuable experience. I was based at the site (which was an incredible place to work) and initally responsible for the updates to drawings models based on site queries. I worked my way up to a role where I was the technical lead for a few geographical areas. One particular area - which was approximately the size of four professional football pitches, had around 30km of pipework and included 280 manholes. Was key to enhancing the efficient of staff movement and the missing link to many other areas on site, we delivered the area 21 days ahead of programme and came under high praise from the senior management team due to the safety of the delivery and the quality of the work.

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