Degree Apprentice In The Highway Engineering Team
2 months ago

Hi, I'm Rob Fairbairn, a Degree Apprentice in the Highway Engineering team at AtkinsRéalis. I collaborate with experienced engineers and professionals, gaining hands-on experience in highway design, construction, and maintenance projects while working towards my engineering degree!

What has been the best part of your apprenticeship?

My Degree. I really enjoy the modules I take. It's great to focus on them during university weeks as a student and then get back to work and apply them, or at least understand their context in the real world. It's something that conventional students aren't able to experience right away.

What do you like about being an Apprentice #InsideAtkinsRéalis?

The flexibility. I have a supportive team that understands the balance apprentices need between work, study and exams – and leave and flexible working arrangements. There's also a level of trust here, and it works both ways – it's motivating to be treated like an adult and professional and given a certain amount of autonomy.

What's your Top Tip for those considering an Apprenticeship?

It's worth reading into the university/educational course you'll be undertaking and speaking to current apprentices to see if it's right for you. It's a commitment and hard work. You're simultaneously working and are a student. However, if you enjoy it and put in the effort, you get a lot out of it, and it is absolutely worth it!

How are you engineering a better future for our planet and its people?

Swapping cycling for driving is one way to improve the quality of life in a local area. And I've worked on several projects as part of Gloucestershire's cycle route scheme. As someone who cycles and truly believes in active travel, I am highly motivated to ensure that these projects are designed and delivered as well as possible so that communities will be encouraged to embrace active commuting!

What are some of the opportunities you've had as an AtkinsRéalis apprentice?

As I work in Highways, there is a vast range of sizes of projects and, therefore, a massive variety of roles to work on. It could range from project management and client relations on a small local authority junction upgrade to being one design team member for a national-scale project. This variety keeps it interesting and means that you rarely end up in only one role for an extended period.

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