Degree Apprentice In The Highways Team
2 months ago

Grace Woosey, a Degree Apprentice in the Highways team at AtkinsRéalis, combines formal academic studies with practical work experience to design, develop, and maintain road infrastructure. She works alongside peers and leading transportation experts while working towards her Civil Engineering Degree.

What has been the best part of your apprenticeship?

Understanding how the engineering world works and being able to apply that to any university module. This includes engineering principles, document writing, and soft skills such as communication. Working for a large and diverse organization makes it easier to do your job – any of us can tap into global expertise and resources. It's also great that colleagues are willing to help you develop by answering any questions about work tasks and university assignments.

What is the best thing about working #InsideAtkinsRéalis?

At AtkinsRéalis, the projects you can get involved with are often industry-leading. This means you can access the best engineering minds to help develop your knowledge. Working on innovative projects also prepares you for the industry of the future. You also get to attend lots of industry events and support STEM careers initiatives, which is a great way to network with those inside and outside of AtkinsRéalis.

What's your best piece of advice for those considering an apprenticeship?

To be successful in your apprenticeship, it's important to be determined because sometimes, the balance of university and work can be stressful. It is also essential to take the opportunities you're given outside of your project work as they will progress skills you may not be using in your current daily role but could need in the future.

How are you engineering a better future for our planet and its people?

AtkinsRéalis is committed to solving global challenges, and every day offers an opportunity to make a long-lasting, tangible difference. As an apprentice, you'll really work at the forefront of this transformation. I've been working on Sizewell C, a new-build nuclear power plant in Suffolk that will produce approximately 20% of the energy for Britain's homes. It will reduce the fossil fuels used in the country, reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

How have you been supported to thrive?

I value the flexible working culture at AtkinsRéalis. You'll get time off work as an apprentice to complete assignments and revise. This helps reduce the time you need to spend outside work hours focusing on university. The ability to pick the hours you are working and which days you're in the office will also enable you to pursue other passions. I play sports in the evenings and manage my commitments better.

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