"once The Customer Is Happy With My Work, My Job Is Complete."
8 years ago

  • Name:Declan (Dex)
  • Age:23
  • Job title:Apprentice Engineer
  • Describe your role in one word:Captivating
  • Describe a typical day:My day actually begins when I receive a postcode from my mentor the night before, so I can plan my journey ahead. So the next day, I’ll travel to certain locations to install or service one of our products. And with each job, I take the time to have a friendly chat with the customer to check that they’re happy with my service and the product.
  • Describe your work/life balance at Sky?I work shifts and my rota pattern enables me to have days off during the week and weekends. This is great as I’m always available to spend time with my friends if they are off during the same time as me.
  • What do you enjoy the most about role and what’s surprised you the most?It’s definitely knowing that once the customer is happy with my work, my job is complete. Another great thing about my role is how much support there is in the team and the team morale is very high!
  • Your top application tip for people applying / what did you do to stand out?I made sure that the interviewers could see my enthusiasm to work here. I thoroughly enjoy technology as a hobby. And I knew to work at a place like this, I needed to show them my knowledge - and today I couldn’t be happier!
  • What’s your work environment like?The support that I get from my team is amazing. We have a wide geographical range and we’ve become quite close too as peers. People are willing to travel a couple of hours journey to help each other out, it’s like one big Sky family!
  • An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you?I repair computers in my spare time.
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