Degree Apprentice In Local Transport
2 months ago

Hello, I'm Ollie Massafra-Mason, a Degree Apprentice in Local Transport seconded at the Gloucestershire County Council Framework. I collaborate on projects to improve local transportation infrastructure and services. Combining my academic learning and hands-on experience, I contribute to initiatives that enhance the region's mobility and sustainability.

What has been the best part of your apprenticeship?

Learning on the job has been a major benefit during my apprenticeship, allowing me to apply knowledge to my degree and daily work. I've quickly developed the skills and behaviours of a civil engineer pursuing this career path and have been well supported throughout by Atkinsréalis.

What is the best thing about working #InsideAtkinsréalis?

Atkinsréalis has given me a wealth of opportunities to work on diverse projects in different parts of the UK and other countries. During my first 3 years at Atkinsréalis, I started working in the rail sector, where I worked on Bridge inspections all over the southwest, the Great Western electrification project working in civils, and I also worked in Dubai for two months during this time to support the Etihad rail and Dubai Metro projects. I now work for a County Council Framework, which has really developed my skills and understanding of local authority frameworks as a Project manager and Design lead on projects.


What are your Top Tips for those considering an apprenticeship?

Take every opportunity you're given. This advice was given to me when I first started, and I've stood by it, which has opened many opportunities for my development.
Another tip would be to look for new work or projects that will broaden your knowledge and understanding of Civil Engineering. A key attribute to being a civil engineer is understanding the bigger picture and the impact your work can have.
Finally, no question is a silly question – ask about everything!


How have you been supported to thrive?

Atkinsréalis has a great Young Professionals Community in each office and across the UK. It's great at supporting apprentices and graduates throughout their development. I've found networking with the Young Professionals Community key to establishing new working relationships and accessing the knowledge that has helped me progress towards the end of my apprenticeship. Peers and colleagues have also been an essential support network to my development as I have built my experience through collaborating with them.


What are some of the opportunities you've had as an Atkinsréalis apprentice?

Since my time at Atkinsréalis, I've worked in several different teams, including Bridges, civils and Geotechnics, Improvements, structures, town planning and Major projects. These are some of the projects I've worked on: Dubai Metro & Etihad Rail (Dubai), Great Western Electrification Project (London to Cardiff), White Hart Junction slip road (Swindon), Lydney Harbour footpath, Blakeney West Landslip remediation works, Principal Bridge inspections, Cheltenham town Parking review, and multiple improvements projects (Gloucestershire).

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