Degree Apprentice With The Transportation Team
2 months ago

I'm James Wilkinson, a Degree Apprentice with the Transportation team in Signalling at AtkinsRéalis. My learning combines formal university study with practical work experience. I design and maintain the systems that manage train movements safely and efficiently.

What has been the best part of your apprenticeship?

The variety of experiences I attained, from learning my craft within the design office to being able to go on track and lead surveys or test the systems I've created.

What is the best thing about working #InsideAtkinsRéalis?

The plethora of experience and opportunity.

What's your best piece of advice for those considering an apprenticeship?

If they want to help provide services and have a brilliant career, then this is the perfect place.

How have you grown since being at AtkinsRéalis?

I have been provided with the relevant training and opportunities to do what I enjoy – variety in my work and being outdoors. I'm now at a point where I lead teams on surveys and assist with testing to further my skillset and completeness as an engineer.

What are some of the opportunities you've had as an AtkinsRéalis apprentice?

I put my hand up to work all over the UK in large cities such as London, Liverpool, and Leeds, as well as smaller towns in Kent and Buxton with potential opportunities overseas in the future. These projects have allowed me to travel and meet new people who have furthered my network and become important in my development. When working on these projects, I have a variety of deliverables pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Are you passionate about transportation, engineering, or just looking for an adventure filled with learning and growth?

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