Cyber Space

Cyber Space

The Cyberspace profession is responsible for the RAF’s communications and information systems that protect and defend the UK’s cyberspace.

It is the backbone of the digital infrastructure and undertakes the planning, installation, maintenance and recovery of the communication equipment. By supporting the networks that are required to communicate and move information safely and securely, it provides the ability to complete the mission.

Working in Cyberspace is highly technical, so the RAF invest in world leading training and qualifications to develop ‘deep’ specialisms in our people. As part of Cyberspace, you will keep the RAF at the cutting edge of technological advances.

You will work as part of a highly trained and technologically skilled team safeguarding the RAF’s IT networks from intrusions, coordinating the RAF’s vast array of information and establishing overseas networks and equipment for Deployed Commanders and Air Traffic Services.

You won't just be on defence; you could develop the expertise and capability to exploit opportunities and gain a military advantage over the RAF’s adversaries. The RAF can conduct cyberspace operations to deny, disrupt and degrade their capabilities in the air, space, land, sea and cyberspace domains.

Life in the RAF is more than just a job. The RAF offer a highly competitive benefits package. There are sporting opportunities and facilities available to everyone. You'll have the chance to travel the world and make new friends all whilst keeping in touch with friends and family at home.

There are multiple roles to choose from in the Cyberspace profession of the RAF. The right one for you will depend on your passion, qualifications and skills. Discover some of our featured roles below.

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