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WSP is one of the world's leading engineering design professional services consulting firms.

What if you could work with the best and brightest minds in the industry? With us you can.  

Our community of over 9,000 employees in the UK, plan, design and deliver projects such as skyscrapers, train stations, carbon emission reduction, offshore wind farms and highway design that help shape the environment and the future of those that use them. It inspires us to stay curious, act locally and think internationally.  

We have opportunities UK wide whether you are studying or have completed your GCSE’s or A Level (or equivalent). As a paid, full time and permanent employee at WSP, you will feel a sense of belonging, in an environment where everyone feels respected and valued. We want to see your true authentic self. We want you to be inspired, learn, discover, and empower your career. We’ll work closely with you over the course of your apprenticeship to support and plan a development pathway that suits you.  

“At WSP, I have experienced an environment of inclusivity, challenge, and a true sense of belonging. As an apprentice, I have a supportive community that values me and every day is a chance to grow, contribute, and pursue continuous development.”  

Katelyn, Undergraduate Transport Planner, currently on the Degree Apprenticeship.  

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