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Army Life

Joining the Army isn’t like joining any other job. But in some ways it’s not as different as you think. Most people in the Army still work 9-5, Monday to Friday unless they’re on operation and have plenty of time for leave and heading home. In most Army jobs – whether combat or our other roles – you’ve got a great balance between learning new skills, practicing what you’ve learned, keeping fit and socialising with your mates.

But there are some completely unique elements of Army life. You’ll be living on base (or nearby) when you’re here, providing you with a real sense of camaraderie that you couldn’t experience anywhere else. Here, you’ll make mates who are so much more than colleagues. You’ll also have incredible facilities on your doorstep, from gyms and cafeterias to entertainment like gaming rooms and cinemas.

Army Jobs

There are a lot of different careers within the Army. You can join us full-time in the Regular Army or join us part-time alongside your day job in the Army Reserve. You’ll then either join us as a soldier or an officer. There are hundreds of different soldier roles in everything from infantry to mechanics to communications systems. Officers are the leaders of the British Army, and often involve management and leadership roles as well as specialisms such as law and medicine.

There are also lots of different specialisms and tradespeople in the Army. Whether you’re interested in plumbing, nursing, technology roles or driving, we’ll often pay you to learn these skills. We offer apprenticeships, degrees and advanced qualifications that will help you build a career both in the Army and after you leave. If you want to join as an officer, you’ll get some of the best and most-recognised leadership training in the world.

You Belong Here.

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