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Home to The Royal Ballet, The Royal Opera and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, the Royal Opera House (ROH) brings together world-class performers and trailblazing creative teams to share unforgettable performances with audiences near and far.


We house the busiest theatres in the world, delivering more than 400 performances and around 1,350 learning events each year. We employ 1100 permanent staff and generate a turnover of £135m, attracting 1.5m attendances in Covent Garden and in cinemas.


We’re at the forefront of innovation in ways in which audiences can experience opera and ballet. Our work is accessed and experienced across the UK and globally through streams, tours, cinema relays, radio broadcasts and TV output.


We work across three sites, all enabling us to produce exceptional performances – our theatres and offices at Covent Garden, our production workshop at Thurrock and our storage facility at Aberdare.

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Royal Opera House, Bow Street, London, WC2E 9DD