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Solution seekers welcome. Thoughtful learners welcome. Kind communicators

Looking for a role where you can gain valuable skills, explore your interests and grow your
experience all while being true to yourself? At Capita, we can offer you all this and more.

About us

We’re the leading provider of business process services. What does that mean? Well,
essentially, we work with businesses and government organisations to improve the ways
they connect with people, make admin and time-consuming tasks quicker and easier, and
really just make things better for everyone involved.

We’ve helped to build software that lets emergency services save lives through live
streaming. We’re using automation to speed up customer communications for the BBC, and
we’ve been helping the College of Policing grow digital skills to combat crime through
gamified learning. And that’s just to name a few of our most recent projects. In reality,
millions of people interact with and benefit from the services we provide every day.

And we couldn’t achieve any of this without our people. Here, you’ll be surrounded by
talented and experienced professionals, who will encourage you to be yourself, challenge
your colleagues, share your ideas and work together to uncover new solutions.

Our opportunities

If you’re looking to grow your career within IT, customer service or administration, you’ll find
entry-level roles across our business. We also offer several apprenticeship opportunities
within digital and technology, customer service and business administration. Here, you can
immerse yourself in what we do and how we do it. You’ll be working 80% of the time and
studying for the other 20%. You’ll also have specific time to develop professionally, attending
classroom-based sessions on presentation skills, interpersonal skills, self-awareness and communication.

You’ll have support from a buddy, mentor, and apprentice coach, as well as
your line manager and the team around you.

Our apprenticeships offer you the chance to
have a permanent role and be paid a competitive apprenticeship salary.

Who are we looking for?

We know that people come in all shapes and sizes, from the loud and outgoing to the quiet
and thoughtful. For us, who you are is more important than what’s on your CV or the grades
you have. We assess candidates on their behaviours, rather than skills and experience.
What could that look like? Maybe you’re the type who believes in yourself and your ability to
learn and adapt. Or you can stay calm and collected in difficult or challenging situations.
Maybe you’re really organised and focused. Or you have a curiosity of spirit and the courage
to ask questions. Either way, with us, you’ll be valued for who you are as we help you to
grow and become the best you can be.