Trainee Network Engineer - No Experience Required

Trainee Network Engineer - No Experience Required

Are you looking to kick-start a new career in IT?

We are recruiting for companies who are looking to employ our Network Engineer

Traineeship graduates to keep up with their growth. The best part is you will not need

any previous experience as full training will be provided. You will also have the

reassurance of a job guarantee (£24K-£45K) upon completion. We are currently

placing over 100 of our graduates into new roles each month.

Whether you are working full time, part time or unemployed, this package has the

flexibility to be completed at a pace that suits you.

The traineeship is completed in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 - Online Training

The first step is completing a selection of professional, accredited and industry

recognised IT Support courses by CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco. The training is

delivered via multimedia rich video tutorials, presentations and quizzes through a

portal that you study from home. You will also be assigned an expert tutor to help

you throughout your training.

Step 2 - Practical Training

You will gain the practical experience by using our cutting edge Livelabs. Gaining

hands-on experience is essential in today’s IT industry for both certifications and

keeping up to date with new technologies. Theory is often not enough these days,

companies require hands on practical experience to make sure you're job ready.

Step 3 - Official exams

You will then go on to sit the CompTIA A+ exams to give you the official certifications

which will be recognised worldwide. The CompTIA A+ is the most commonly asked

for certificate in entry level IT roles.

Step 4 - IT Technician placement (£24K-£30K)

You will be placed into your first role as an IT Technician, with a starting salary of

anywhere between £24K-£30K. You will need to gain two years experience in this

role before you can progress into a Network Technician role. While working as an IT

Technician, we will release your second batch of training which is specifically

designed to qualify you to move into the networking field. This will consist of online

training, practical training and an official exam.

Network Engineer Role

Once you have completed all of the mandatory training in step four and have the

required two years experience in the IT industry, you will be ready to move into your

Network Engineer role. We have partnered with a number of large IT companies who

have a massive shortage of qualified Network Engineers. In this role the average

starting salary is £45K.

We guarantee you will be offered a job upon completion, or we will refund you 100%

of your course fees back.

We have a proven track record of placing 1000+ candidates into new roles each


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 Published on 17-05-2024
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