We have an opportunity for a talented and highly motivated apprentice to join an exciting new business venture focused on applying the company’s proprietary gene silencing platform (GEiGS) to the development of novel human therapeutics.

What you will do in your working day

The GEiGS technology facilitates Stable, Tunable and Programmable silencing activity that differentiates it from alternative gene editing or gene regulation approaches, and specifically enables production of programmable, next-generation cell and gene therapies, addressing many current limitations.

The appointee will be joining a multidisciplinary team of computational and experimental biologists. The post is ideal for a dynamic individual looking to be part of a cutting-edge research program that will also have real impact on patients’ lives. Due to the early stage nature of the company it is imperative to have a pragmatic, can-do, collaborative approach.

This role would work to support operational activities in the laboratory environment, with a main focus on working in the iPSC and gene editing core team. This team is involved in the culture, characterisation, quality control of iPSCs, and in their genetic engineering using gene editing technologies. Training would be provided across the different elements of the role. Key responsibilities are highlighted below.

• Mammalian cell culture, across different cell types and cell lines, with focus on induced pluripotent stem cells

• Cell banking and quality control of cells lines, including flow cytometry, genetic characterisation

• Plasmid preparation and anaylsis – DNA sequencing, PCR, gel electrophoresis

• Gene editing – transfection of cell lines with gene editing reagents, clonal isolation, and characterisation

• Use of Electronic Lab Notebooks to record data, manage inventories, track reagents

• Support for Lab Operations – generation of reagents, organisation of laboratory environment

The training you will be getting

  • One day per week remote study 
  • Two in person 'Summer schools' at the Canterbury Campus
  • Technician Scientist qualification 
  • FdSc in Applied Bioscience 

What to expect at the end of your apprenticeship

  • Possible permanent position on completion of the apprenticeship

 Higher Apprenticeship
 Published on 16-01-2024
 Deadline NA