RAF Intelligence Analyst - Spare Time Reserve

As an RAF Intelligence Analyst, you will use state-of-the-art technologies to collect and interpret information, providing vital intelligence, which makes a direct and timely impact to operations around the world.


The skills you acquire as a Reserve won’t just prepare you for the RAF, they will enhance your work and civilian life.


Information is collected from multiple sources, including aerial and satellite imagery and foreign communications, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Analysts are required to collect, collate and evaluate information to create actionable intelligence reports and threat assessments.

As an Intelligence Analyst (Int An) you could be employed in a number of varied roles from the outset. These range from assisting a Squadron Intelligence Officer in providing tactical support to front-line aircrew, to strategic roles focusing on the broader intelligence picture.

The opportunities available to you as an Int An are varied, making this a particularly broad and interesting role. Very early on in your career you will have a high-level of responsibility, so the contribution you will make will be vital to operational success. You will often be the person at the front, assisting the senior commander in making key decisions on aspects of a military operation.


Your training will start with a Basic Recruit Training Course consisting of 4 weekends at your chosen RAF Reserves Squadron, followed by a 15-day residential training course at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. This training course will prepare you for service life in one of the most respected military forces in the world; it is also designed to help you tune into the military environment and way of life. As well as military training, you will learn about the core values, code of conduct and history of the RAF, as well as its unique lifestyle.


The next step is the Operational Air Intelligence Course (Reserve), which is a 39 day course split over 11 months. It consists of 11 training weekends and a 15 day block at the Joint Intelligence Training Group (JITG), Chicksands in Bedfordshire. The course is designed to train you as an Intelligence Analyst and gives you an understanding of the different sources of intelligence, such as Imagery Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence. The course also teaches the techniques for processing intelligence and the skills required to disseminate intelligence effectively, either through written or graphical means or by delivering an intelligence briefing. The course covers the roles of UK intelligence organisations and the RAF intelligence structure within the wider MOD. You will also learn about IT applications and research techniques.


You could be employed in a Headquarters assisting with the production of current operational intelligence reports and briefings for the Station Commander, or you could be assisting the Squadron Intelligence Officer on a front-line flying squadron, by providing tactical mission support to aircrew. You could be required to analyse information and generate reports for the intelligence departments of National and partner organisations. Working on high-tech systems, you could develop graphics and produce intelligence that will be used to help plan military operations, or you could carry out extensive background research to contribute to more detailed strategic reports. There will also be opportunities for you to complete other specialist courses in intelligence, including Electronic Warfare, Targeting and Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR).


Day rate starts at £39.34 + Benefits


  • Be aged 18-54 Applicants must apply no later than age 54 and 9 months in order to attest before 55th birthday Ex-Regulars and specialist entrants may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Have GCSE at Grade C/4 or above or SCE Standard Grade 2/Scottish National 5 grade C or above in English Language and Maths.
  • Be a UK citizen from birth.
  • Must not hold any other nationality or citizenship, or join nationality or citizenship.
  • Have resided in the UK for the 10 years immediately preceding any application, but candidates with a minimum of 7 years may considered.
  • Commit to 27 days per year.
  • Meet the health and fitness criteria.
  • Pass the Defence Aptitude Assessment.
  • Pass a Selection Interview and a Specialist Assessment at the Air Intelligence Wing, Chicksands.


502 Sqn, JHFS Aldergrove, Co Antrim
505 Sqn, RAF St Mawgan, Newquay
600 Sqn, RAF Northolt, Middlesex (Extremely limited vacancies)
602 Sqn, Glasgow, Scotland
607 Sqn, RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire (No current vacancies)
611 Sqn, RAF Woodvale, Merseyside
614 Sqn, Cardiff, (No current vacancies)
7006 Sqn, RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire
7006 Sqn, RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire
7010 Sqn, RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire
7010 Sqn, RAF Marham, Norfolk
7630 Sqn, RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire

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 Part Time Job
 Published on 2023-08-25
 Deadline NA