People Operations – Spare Time Reserve

In your role working in Personnel Support in the RAF, you will enjoy a diverse, exciting and highly rewarding career. Wherever the RAF is based, there is a Personnel Support team ready to provide a professional service to personnel of all specialisations, including those in the RAF Reserve.


The skills you acquire as a Reserve won’t just prepare you for the RAF, they will enhance your work and civilian life.


Everyone in the RAF has an essential role to play in the timely and effective delivery of Air Power in defence of the UK and its interests on military operations worldwide and in support of the civilian population, in areas such as disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

Your duties as a Personnel Support specialist in the RAF will be diverse, exciting and highly rewarding. Wherever the RAF is operational, there is a Personnel team ready to provide a professional service to personnel of all specialisations. You can expect to move assignments every few years and to work up close to flying operations on RAF bases and at other military locations in the UK and overseas, including alongside your counterparts in the other UK Armed Forces. You will have opportunities to volunteer for assignments in places such as the USA, Cyprus and with NATO forces in Europe.

Throughout your RAF career you will deploy for periods from a few days and up to six months to use your skills in an operational environment, in a Joint Headquarters, or as part of an Expeditionary Air Wing committed to operations in locations such as the Middle East and the Falkland Islands. You will find yourself delivering HR and personal support services on RAF Stations and squadrons operating the latest aircraft such as Voyager, Chinook, Typhoon and F35 Lightning II or, as a member of the Personnel and HR display support team with the Red Arrows. Furthermore, as you gain knowledge and experience, you will be ready to apply your specialist and broader military leadership and management skills to compete with your peers for promotion to higher ranks and employment opportunities which will bring greater responsibility and control of your own team.

You will be encouraged and supported continually to challenge yourself in a variety of roles such as RAF Instructor, where you will provide professional training to the next generation of Personnel specialists or as an RAF Career Manager where you will be responsible for advising on and managing the career progression of RAF personnel across the RAF.

You will also have the opportunity to work within the most senior environments of the RAF, Defence, NATO and in the Ministry of Defence (London) and in major RAF and Joint Headquarters in the UK and Europe.


Your training will start with a Basic Recruit Training Course consisting of 4 weekends at your chosen RAF Reserves Squadron, followed by a 15-day residential training course at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. This training course will prepare you for service life in one of the most respected military forces in the world; it is also designed to help you tune into the military environment and way of life. As well as military training, you will learn about the core values, code of conduct and history of the RAF, as well as its unique lifestyle.


After successfully completing initial training, you will be trained for your specific role in the RAF either at your squadron or another RAF station in the UK.


Day rate starts at £39.34 + Benefits


  • Be aged 18-54 Applicants must apply no later than age 54 and 9 months in order to attest before 55th birthday Ex-Regulars and specialist entrants may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Have GCSE at Grade A-C/4-9 or Scottish National 5 (Grade A–C) or equivalents in English Language and Mathematics. (Waivers may be considered for professional qualifications and experience).
  • Be a citizen of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, holder of dual UK/other nationality or have been a Commonwealth Citizen since birth.
  • Commit to 27 days per year.
  • Meet the health and fitness criteria.
  • Pass the Defence Aptitude Assessment.


502 Sqn, JHFS Aldergrove, Co Antrim (No current vacancies)
505 Sqn, RAF St Mawgan, Newquay
600 Sqn, RAF Northolt, Middlesex
606 Sqn, RAF Benson, Oxon (No current vacancies)
607 Sqn, RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire (No current vacancies)
611 Sqn, RAF Woodvale, Merseyside (Extremely limited vacancies)
614 Sqn, Cardiff, (No current vacancies)

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 Part Time Job
 Published on 2023-08-25
 Deadline NA