Digital Marketing Diploma

With an expanding range of channels available to market through, this diploma will help you learn more about some of the key specialisms of digital marketing.

This is a great diploma for any aspiring digital marketing professional. In an industry that is fast paced and rapidly expanding, being able to demonstrate your proactive approach to learning and the digital marketing profession will stand you in good stead.

Whether you want to work as a PPC Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Strategist or simply want to know more about the different ways and methods to market your own business, we think this is a really valuable investment you
could make in your future.

Diploma Outline
This diploma has nine core courses which will cover the key social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and a dedicated digital marketing professional course that takes you through other specialist areas such as PPC, SEO, digital display advertising, email marketing and more.

In addition to the above, an essential element of digital marketing is the ability to monitor, analyse and report on the outcomes of the actions you’re taking. Things change all the time and in the digital marketing course there’s a section for you to learn about analytics as well as strategy and planning.

You’ll also study Word, Excel and PowerPoint to make sure you can deliver your results in a top quality format.

Pitman Training offers flexible, self-paced study options. This means you can choose whether you study in one of our dedicated training centres or combine this with studying from home or work. The nature of our learning platform means that no matter where you choose to study, each time you log in you simply pick up from where you left off.

Once you’ve successfully completed your training you’ll receive a prestigious Pitman Training certificate having also gained the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing qualification from the Digital Marketing Institute.

Aims & Objectives
This diploma has been created to offer you the chance to gain an all-round view and understanding of digital marketing from planning, implementing, monitoring, testing and analysing right through to optimising and reporting. You’ll pick up the jargon, best practice tips and learn effective, essential skills required for those working in this thriving and rewarding industry.

Although we don’t require any formal qualifications, it would be advantageous if anyone wishing to study this diploma had some existing basic understanding of the principles of marketing.

Career Paths
With proven marketing qualifications you can aim high.  What’s to stop you working towards roles such as Marketing Manager, Marketing Consultant, Brand Manager, Creative Director, PR Director or Social Media Marketing Manager? Aim high and continue to invest in your knowledge and skills and there will be nothing to stop you from achieving your ultimate career goals.

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 Published on 2023-09-08
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