Designated Detention Officers (DDOs)

 Starting salary is £33,348, which includes allowances totalling £2,841

In addition, a 20% shift allowance is payable upon completion of your initial training. There will also be opportunities to earn overtime.

The Metropolitan Police Detention suites provide London with custody services – a single, dedicated command focussing on safety and compliance across London’s police station custody suites. We have 25 primary custody suites across London, all operating 24 hours a day, seven days per week, delivered by a 1,500 strong team of officers and staff, all being supported by custody experts. The makeup of your teams will consist of inspectors, sergeants, designated detention officers (DDOs), custody nurse practitioners, and liaison and diversion staff.

Over 170,000 individuals are processed through our custody suites each year, and we are proud to deliver a diverse service to meet the demands of today’s London.

We are looking for diligent people to join our team as DDOs. You don’t need to have done this type of role before. Instead, life skills are more important than specific qualifications or working experience. You will need to have good communication skills, sound record-keeping, common sense and resilience. Above all, you’ll have the desire and drive to make the custody suite a safe place to be. This is not solely an admin role, it will be physically and mentally challenging at times. It is expected that you fully understand the role and the pressures involved within the custody environment as described within the application process.

With the volume of individuals processed through a custody suite each day, the importance of these roles can never be underestimated.

The role of a designated detention officer

The primary role of a DDO is completing welfare tasks relating to detainees in police custody. This includes:

  • completing regular checks on detainees in their cells
  • providing meals
  • facilitating showers, phone calls, and exercise
  • performing other tasks of a similar nature

There is an administrative side to the role that requires the use of computer technologies to support the practical work carried out in the custody suite.
Additionally DDOs are given designated powers to carry out certain tasks whilst on duty. This includes:

  • taking fingerprints
  • searching detainees
  • taking photographs, Biometric samples and footwear impressions

They are also authorised to use reasonable force when required. 

Custody suites currently operate a shift pattern comprising of 12 hour shifts across four teams that hand over to each other every 12 hours.
DDOs will work closely with their teams, reporting to a custody officer (sergeant). Team members support one another to ensure the safety of everybody within the custody suite whilst remaining professional in some very intense and testing situations.

Do you have a say in where and when you work?

We operate 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days of the year, including night shifts, so you'll work to a shift pattern. We work to one shift pattern across the custody suites, where you’ll work 12 hour shifts with rest days.

 Full Time Job
 Published on 2023-08-26
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