As an RAF Air Cartographer, you will create and edit key documents used by UK Armed Forces, foreign air forces and some civilian airlines.

You will analyse and validate worldwide aeronautical navigation data that is critical to Flight Safety across Defence. In your role you will:

• Use cutting-edge development tools to create and develop new products, applications and ways of working.

• Update charts that detail obstructions like buildings and power lines so fast jets and helicopters can navigate safely at low levels.

• Process digital mapping for use in frontline aircraft cockpit displays and mission planning systems, updating charts that guide out aircrew safely through take off, transit and landing. 

• Create chats depicting airways over countries around the world used by transport aircraft to carry troops to the front line.

Starting Salary: £18,600+ plus benefits

Post Phase 2 Training: £25,200+benefits (after completing Basic Training & Specialist Training, 1 years service & completing Professional Workplace assessments)


Age: 16 – 47 (must attest before 48th birthday)

Education: Have GCSEs at Grade C/4 or Scottish National 5 at Grade C in English Language and Mathematics

Residency (change if longer residency needed): You must be a citizen of the UK, Republic of Ireland, a Commonwealth citizen since birth (with a ‘right to work’ immigration status) or holder of a dual UK/ other nationality.

Whether or not you were born in the United Kingdom, you should have resided there for the 5 years immediately preceding your application. However, candidates with a minimum of 3 years will be considered.

For more information about the role and details of our application process, visit the RAF Recruitment website. To be directed straight to our site Click 'Apply'.

 Full Time Job
 Published on 15-04-2024
 Deadline NA