Advanced IT Support Technician Diploma

This diploma is ideal if you’re looking for a position with greater responsibility than
more entry-level roles in IT departments. Upon completion of the diploma, you’ll be
well positioned to gain CompTIA certification in several key areas of IT.

Position yourself for success in IT!
IT employees hold some of the most important jobs in any organisation. As an advanced IT Support Technician, it will be your responsibility to keep the
computers and related systems running smoothly and efficiently.

As a more senior support professional, your job could involve providing any of the following types of support to internal and external clients:
• help resolve complex issues that have been escalated from Tier 1 support and require more detailed systems and applications knowledge
• maintain system capabilities by testing existing equipment and software
• test new systems and applications
• train users on proper use of hardware and software
• manage and/or train Tier 1 support technicians

The role of an advanced IT Support Technician is vital within any organisation. With this diploma, you’ll be well positioned to take on a role of greater responsibility in an IT department than the typical entry-level position.

With this diploma and some experience in a senior support role, your career could advance to positions of greater seniority and responsibility, such as Systems Administrator or IT Support Manager. 

Aims and Objectives
You’ll learn essential skills in hardware and software support, network administration, IT security, and cloud computing to position you for a promising
future in information technology.

Career Path
CompTIA certifications are a recognisable IT industry qualification that can help you build a rewarding career in IT support and systems maintenance.

With further training in more specialised areas, you could look forward to a career in network support or administration, cloud computing, or security. You could also bolster your skills to move into a managerial role within IT support.

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 Published on 2023-08-26
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