5 months ago

Michael started with EMR on a work trial in July 2016 before embarking on a formal level 2 apprenticeship programme with Warrington Collegiate in October. Now a year in, he reflects on his experience so far:

“At the beginning, I sat with each department and learned how each one operated and what they did day to day. It was a chance to do lots of different things which I really enjoyed as it meant I wasn’t ever bored.

“Now, working in the Logistics team, I still get to do a variety of different things from raising credit notes and tracking payments, to producing weekly reports.

“Speaking with the different depots across the country has been a personal challenge as I didn’t have much confidence at first, but the team is really supportive and they take the time to go through everything with me. I think this has built my confidence and has also helped me to develop and become more professional in general.

“I am looking forward to progressing to level 3 and want to stay with EMR in a full time job when I have achieved my qualification.”

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