West Midlands Railway
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    West Midlands Railway


West Midlands Railway (operated by West Midlands Trains) isn’t just a train service – it’s the heartbeat of the Midlands, connecting communities from city dwellers and rural explorers to their vibrant West Midlands region.

With one new train fleet in operation and another on the way, West Midlands Railway continues to be the driving force behind the region’s growth and connectivity, enhancing passenger’s travel - where the little added benefits go a long way.

But it’s not all just about trains. West Midlands Railway is on a mission to redefine journeys, with new and improved stations, smart ticketing solutions and a commitment to keeping passengers up to date on their service – all which offer a tapestry of transport possibilities.

So, hop on board and be part of the journey. In the end, it’s not just about reaching a destination, but embracing the exciting adventure along the way.

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