Script Supervision And Continuity For Film And Television Certificate

Train to keep film and TV productions running smoothly in this integral on-set role.

This full-time course is delivered in partnership with the BBC and has been created in response to high Industry demand. It is designed to thoroughly train you in becoming a Script Supervisor, so on leaving the course, you’ll have all the practical experience you need for starting out in the professional world.

Course Outline

The Script Supervisor’s role is an exciting, varied and demanding job requiring many skills for being part of the production team.

This course will give you the skills and confidence to prepare and provide scripts, running orders, camera shots and information, prior to a rehearsal, recording or shooting day. In the studio, you’ll learn how to keep the production team informed through cueing, timings, shotcalling, liaising with presentation, and maintaining an accurate log. You’ll learn how to support the director and producer and get live programmes on and off air.

You’ll learn the vital skills needed for continuity, keeping track of takes, timings and shooting set-ups essential for the editor, as well as checking correct dialogue, actions, costume, make-up and props.

What You'll Study

This is a hands-on, highly practical course. You’ll be learning everything first-hand, from workshops, on set and in-studio, on a range of drama and entertainment projects, and you’ll be using our Industry-rivalling 4k multi-camera television studio gallery. 

Included in the course are lectures on how to use ScriptE and BBC Scriptwriter, how to work on different genres of programmes, guest speakers, and site visits to TV companies and film studios.

All production costs are included in the course fees, including the use of School facilities and equipment. 

Entry Requirements

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, keen to work hard as part of a team and quick to learn. You should have a good general education, but no other specific educational requirements are needed for this course. Previous experience working in the film or television industry would be an advantage, or knowledge gained from an alternative production activity, for example, a college media course project.

 Professional Qualifications
 Published on 13-02-2024
 Deadline 31-07-2024