Learn To Code Java

Do you want to be a developer? Java is the most in-demand programming language and essential for anyone wanting to get into software development.

Java is commonly used in Android apps, enterprise software, financial and scientific software, big data calculations, and web applications.

Why choose the Java Novice to Javanista course pathway?

The Skillsoft Java Novice to Javanista will firstly help you to explore the roots and significant features of Java which provides a foundation for your learning, including hands-on code examples using JShell.

You’ll then learn the advanced features of Java such as exception handling, generics, lambdas, and reflection.

The learning concludes with database connectivity and how to build web applications and web services with Java – ensuring you can write Java programs from scratch and enter the industry as a confident Java developer.

Collection guide, The key facts about your online training

Vendors: Skillsoft

Provider: Skillsoft

Study time: 94 hours (including 24 hours of practice labs)

Student support: StudentCare™ and Career Services

Prerequisites: Programming knowledge, familiarity with object oriented programming, familiarity with database concepts

Assessment: Exam based

Resources: Internet access and email

Ideal for: Anyone wanting to gain a full understanding of Java and its uses for database, building web applications and web services

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 Published on 2023-08-26
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