Four Week Post Production Course


  • Four-week full-time course (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm)
  • For students who are looking to build practical postproduction skills with Adobe Premiere Pro software to kick-start their careers in the film, advertising, television and online media industries
  • Covers the fundamentals of Adobe Premiere Pro and professional aspects of the editor’s job
  • Explains how to serve a narrative through postproduction and create a required atmosphere and mood


Four-Week Post Production is an intensive and practical course which allows you to study and practise postproduction as a creative and technical craft, learning the core skills and technology needed for today’s ever-changing screen industries. You will build an enhanced understanding of postproduction processes and best practice based on the project, genre and the objectives of the filmmakers. You will also learn ways to pursue editing opportunities in the screen industries and push your editing ability even further.

  • Learn how to operate Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the most popular editing software in the industry, and build transferable technical skills that you can apply to other packages
  • Receive an in-depth creative editing training which will allow you to make the best editing decisions for the material you are working with
  • Learn about the latest trends and techniques in the industry through interactive discussions and workshops
  • Build robust technical skills to be able to deliver work in a timely and professional manner
  • Learn from a working postproduction specialist. All our tutors and industry professionals


  • How to operate Adobe Premiere Pro effectively: assembling a basic sequence, ingesting file-based media, organising and consolidating media, preparing and exporting sequences, creative and technical preparation for an edit, basic dialogue editing techniques
  • Using creative editing to enhance a narrative: marking up a script, introduction to effects (visual, audio, corrective, multilayer), making creative editing judgement
  • Creative and technical capabilities as an editor:  filming and editing in reference to cameraline, solving camera and eyeline issues, developing a sense of pace and rhythm
  • Strategic and technical capabilities as an editor: decision-making for a postproduction specialist, the emotional dynamics of a script, the impact of genre on editing styles, the comedy genre and how editing is important to energy, pace and timing
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 Published on 2023-08-26
 Deadline NA