Four Week Cinematography Course


  • Four-week full-time course (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm)
  • For students who want to learn the key techniques, creative approaches and organisational skills involved in camera operation, lighting and sound recording
  • Covers the fundamental rules of film grammar and narration on-set
  • Suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required


Four-Week Cinematography is an all-encompassing course which covers the fundamental skills for aspiring Directors of Photography (DOP). By the end of the programme, you will have an enhanced understanding of on-set practices and the technical requirements for camera, light and sound. In addition, you will have completed filmed exercises and workshops that are geared towards developing your practical understanding and experience of the cinematographer’s role.

  • Shoot your first commercial video that demonstrates your camera, lighting and editing abilities
  • Understand technical requirements such as focal-length lenses and depth of field, but also how to utilise this knowledge in a creative and narrative sense
  • Learn the basic sound theory, how to handle relevant equipment and record location sound
  • Develop postproduction skills to further enhance the visual aesthetics of your content
  • Examine how cinematography has progressed through history
  • Learn about different career pathways within various cinematography departments and decide about the next steps in your studies or career


  • Introduction to cinematography: the importance of the cinematographer in filmmaking, the development of cinematography over the years
  • Visual storytelling: depth of field, three point lighting system, eye lines and what happens when they don’t match, the ‘rule of thirds’, how to match tracking shots, the names and features of different focal lengths, using a dolly, tracks, lighting kit and operating a moving camera
  • Lighting and tracking: three point lighting, how to light to a professional standard 
  • Introduction to large format cameras: building, loading formatting and recording media
  • Sound: recording different types of sound: Vox pop, formal and walking conversation, hard-disk and multi-track recording
  • An overview of the basic aspects of production and postproduction: editing with  Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Practical exercises, including, creating a 30-second commercial using your knowledge of how to construct a pack-shot
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 Published on 2023-08-26
 Deadline NA