Why You Should Study At Holts Academy
9 years ago

Why did you study at Holts Academy?

Holts Academy has been amazingly inspirational - I studied there to pursue a career in the design and manufacture of precious metal jewellery and to study computer aided design. I wanted to gain insight into both the traditional aspects of jewellery and the technological side as well.

What course are you currently doing?

I am currently on the level 4 computer aided design which is great and I am learning a lot of technical tips and new ways to create intricate looking designs!

Do you plan to continue onto another course?

I have completed my level 2, 3, and 4 design and manufacture, and also my level 3 computer aided design! I now plan to further my knowledge in computer design and also learn about gemmology.

If so, what one?

I want to learn about stones and how someone could possibly value them just by examining it in the right light with a loupe.

If not, what are your plans?

I plan to continue being self-employed and will create myself a website and portfolio. But in the case that I cannot pursue running my own small business, then I have thought about working for a computer design and or manufacturing business in Hatton Garden.

What did you do before Holts Academy?

Before Holts, I finished my AS levels at school to pursue a job selling house sized plots of land with no planning permission for potential future development! I also provided a currency exchange service for small businesses and private clients to make international payments as an alternative to the banks. I decided that this wasn't for me and I wanted something different!

Have you won any industry awards?

I am so grateful to everyone at Holts Academy for all the support and also am hugely grateful for winning the Brown and Newirth student of the year award, thanks to all of the staff.

How did Holts Academy help you?

Holts opened my eyes to the endless possibilities and potential future careers that I, or anyone for that matter could pursue! There is so much more to the industry than you could ever imagine and I didn't realise this before I came here. A business for example could specialise in one type of job, like polishing!

Did you make friends at Holts Academy?

Everyone is so friendly at Holts, from the staff to the students! You really couldn't ask for better tuition and the teachers take a lot of pride in their own work let alone their students. They are all actively in the trade which is a huge positive.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to work in the jewellery sector?

The advice I would give for someone wanting to work in the industry would be to do the level 2 design and manufacturing course at Holts! This was my first course and it gives you a generic insight into the entire trade - from setting to enamelling, polishing, technical drawings/ and design to metal work!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

In 20 years I would like to see myself with my own successful business! I hope to be able to provide a designing service -3D printing for businesses and private clients but to also provide the manufacturing side! So design and manufacturing precious metal jewellery from start to finish via computer aided design.

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