Mel’s Experience As A Home Service Engineer Apprentice
3 years ago

Mel Webster

Home Service Engineer Apprentice


Who are you and what do you do as a Home Service Apprentice?

My name in Mel, I’m a Home Service Engineering Apprentice and I work in North Four. Home Service is the installing of dishes, placing of cables and making sure our customers have the right package that’s suitable to them.

What does working in Home Service mean to you?

Home Service means to me that I’m getting out there, showing the public what what I’m made of. Showing them that I can take part in what is predominantly a male dominant role.

How important is it for women to consider a career in Home Service?

I think it’s imperative so that we have a balanced world. There’s no stigma as to ‘Women can’t do this.’ or ‘Men have to do this.’. I think if you’ve got the confidence to go out there and show people that you are capable of working in what is a male dominant role, to give it everything that you have. Don’t give up.


What skills have you built during the Home Service Apprenticeship?

I have a lot more confidence now in being able to ring my customer and explain to them; ‘Well it’s me that’s going to be coming to your property.’ and just enjoying when they open their door and they’re like; ‘Oh, I thought you were from the call centre!’ . It’s just changing people’s perceptions of who’s actually gonna come to their home.

What training have you received during the Home Service Apprenticeship?

So this was the fun part! This was six weeks at the training centre at Knaresborough, which was absolutely fantastic. I met a wide range of people all coming from different backgrounds, different areas and regions.

To do the whole apprenticeship with those people that I met from the very beginning was absolutely fantastic. We did ladder setups, we did different scenarios working on different placements of dishes.

We looked at how to safely use our ladders, how to safely use our harness ropes and everything that comes with it. It’s making sure that we had a very good understanding of health and safety – and sky are very big on health and safety.

How did you overcome any challenges you encountered during the Apprenticeship?

It was try and try and try again. Just don’t give up. At the beginning, I thought ‘I can’t do this. This is too much.’ – but the more I did it the more comfortable I got.

It is it’s making sure that you’re comfortable that you have set up them ladders in the correct way, because ultimately that’s what’s going to keep you safe. It’s making sure that you’re following the policies, obviously, and that you are attached correctly.

Would you recommend the Home Service Apprenticeship?

Absolutely, I think we need more Women in Home Service. I’m not just saying that because the population (in Home Service) is more men than women, but because we are capable just as much as men are.

We can do just the same. I don’t like this ‘You’re a man, so you need to do this job. You’re a woman, so you need to do this job.’. I’m very open in that fact that I would ask all women to to consider taking part as a Home Service Engineer. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

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