5 months ago

Someone who has had experience of working across EMR’s different working environments is 21 year old Louis.

“I worked at Warrington Head Office originally to do my level 2 Business Administration qualification, working in the Trader Accounts department. This apprenticeship route gives you the chance to bolt on further qualifications such as CIMA for accountancy and this was where I saw myself progressing.

“For my level 3, my manager Debbie saw an opportunity for me to take on more of a challenge and put me forward to go and work on site in Salford. This was with a view to working towards a Trader Manager role. This has given me the chance to work across the business and understand more about it before committing myself to one route. Having the opportunity to do this has been really valuable as, when I was in Trader Accounts, I found the work enjoyable but was more interested in the wider roles and how the company worked as a whole.

“Working at Salford is a completely different experience. For starters, it is much louder. I had customer contact back in Warrington but this was mostly on the phone or through email. Now, working on the weigh bridge, I have more face to face contact and find I need to shout more just so that people can hear me.

“Its really good fun and the level of support and friendliness is exactly the same. Both are great working environments. The office, although professional, was really relaxed. You still had to get your work done, Debbie was sat right next to me so I definitely had to do the work, but there was time for a social side. At EMR, you look forward to going into work each day.”

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