Howdens Manufacturing Apprentice Case Study
1 year ago

Manufacturing Apprentice at Howden, East Yorkshire

Manufacturing apprenticeships at Howdens last for 4-years and are delivered by Doncaster College. The first year of the programme is a paid full-time college placement, before splitting time between the workplace and college for the remaining 3 years.

    Year 1 - You will learn the basics of manufacturing and will complete practical and theoretical training Year 2 – Your second year will be split between college and our manufacturing site in Howden where you will have the opportunity to work with key equipment and undertake practical learning across the site. This will support you in understanding the equipment you will be responsible for, build key relationships and learn from your colleagues. Year 3 - You will continue your onsite training and attend college one day per week Year 4 – Your final year will be full time on site where you will work towards your end point assessment for the Level 3 Engineering Technician qualification

Here, Andrew tells us about his experience throughout his apprenticeship:

I chose to do the program as a way to change career. I was working in retail and had worked 12 years of it, I wanted to give myself a better opportunity, so I put myself through night classes over two years before applying for Apprenticeship.

The first thing I do when I get to work is...

I get up at 06:45, set off for work at 07:15. After the morning commute I arrive usually 30 Minutes before I need to about 08:30 depending on traffic. Work starts at 0900.

It varies from unit to unit, one day I could be making something with hand tools the next operating machinery like lathes, milling machines and soon CNC.

Within the Manufacturing Apprenticeship my main responsibilities are...

To turn up on time, with the right attitude and enthusiasm. Also conducting myself in a safe manner while working in the workshop. Responsibility for myself to ensure work gets done to the correct standard.

The aspects of my role I most enjoy are...

I love doing the work and helping others. I find helping others helps me understand the processes better than just simply performing the task. I love using machines to make things, the speed of it and interchangeable tooling it’s like a big K’Nex set. I see how and why machines are needed in the workplace, especially after having the appreciation of how using hand tools can be time consuming and hard work.

The advice I'd give for a smooth transition from school into work is...

Do not expect that, like in school, that you will be provided with all the information you need or that teachers will provide everything you need, most of the time you have to seek it out yourselves.

Once you leave school, you’re that much closer to being an adult, mistakes are going to happen and you have to learn to deal with them, the structure of school doesn’t always allow you to free think but at work you’re expected to, if you don’t know how to think for yourself, don’t worry it will come to you eventually.

My top tips for working as a Manufacturing Apprentice are...

Switch on, prepare to learn and enjoy it. The focus should be split between; where you want to be by the end of it and what do I need to do to get there.

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