Engineering Apprenticeship
2 months ago

I'm Marc Gordon, an Engineer in Glasgow. I work with a team, shaping the future of highways and active travel systems. I contribute to planning and refining transport networks, ensuring safety and efficiency. My progression at AtkinsRéalis has been marked by hands-on learning and innovation.

What has been the best part of your apprenticeship?

Learning on the job and putting my knowledge and learning into practice. I benefitted from the time management skills I developed in the workplace, which transferred into my university studies. It allowed me to navigate university with fewer challenges as I completed every module with a clear and structured mindset. 

What did you like about being an Apprentice #InsideAtkinsRéalis?

The apprentice culture at AtkinsRéalis. The Apprenticeship Programme supports you during your studies and workplace development. AtkinsRéalis invests a lot of money and effort into supporting groups and forums started by our employees. These groups offer ongoing help and constantly work to improve and grow the program.

What's your Top Tip for those considering an apprenticeship?

Do it. In my opinion, there's no better way than taking the apprenticeship route. It naturally provides you with the tools and opportunities to relate to real-life scenarios during your studies. Working in the industry while you're still studying lets you meet and connect with professionals who can help you if you run into any problems during your academic learning.

How is AtkinsRéalis supporting you to follow your career interests?

Having completed the apprenticeship route, I'm now comfortably managing projects from both a technical and project manager position with little to no supervision. AtkinsRéalis helped me take on more significant responsibilities during my apprenticeship. Now that my apprenticeship is over, I still feel well-supported as I develop in these roles and take on more complex challenges.

How do you feel supported working at AtkinsRéalis?

Throughout my apprenticeship journey, I've been fortunate enough to have the continued support of my line manager and wider team. Year after year, I've required input from my AtkinsRéalis colleagues in my university modules. I have always been overwhelmed with the support. Building on my experience, I've now taken on the role of workplace mentor for new AtkinsRéalis apprentices, and I hope to provide support and guidance throughout their apprenticeship and early career development.

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