Degree Apprentice
2 months ago

I am Kieron, an Electro-Mechanical Engineering Degree Apprentice within the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology team (ADS&T) at AtkinsRéalis. I help design and improve electrical and mechanical systems for different projects. I've been rotating around the teams, learning about new technologies, and ensuring things work well and are safe.

What have you enjoyed most about your AtkinsRéalis Apprenticeship?

Being able to learn and develop, not only from my University work but also from working on real projects that benefit real people and increase my practical skills.

What is the best thing about working for AtkinsRéalis?

There's a wide range of clients and industries I can be involved in. All of these have their own challenges and learning opportunities.

What is your top advice for future apprentices?

Don't be afraid to ask questions even if the answer seems obvious. I've learned that, as an apprentice, you often have a unique perspective on challenges, which makes you valuable to your team. This has proved to be the case on some of my projects.

How are you shaping your career goals on projects that interest you?

I'm eager for added technical responsibility and to work more in aerospace. So, on my current project, I've been put forward as one of the main design team members across various electrical and mechanical systems, including a one-of-a-kind.

What industry exposure have you enjoyed as an AtkinsRéalis apprentice?

At ADS&T, I've had opportunities on multiple cross-industry projects. For example, I have worked in aviation in the defence sector. Before joining AtkinsRéalis, I would have never considered being able to work in these sectors, especially within such a short space of time. This has allowed me to enjoy the unique challenges that arise across different industries.

Why choose AtkinsRéalis?

Unlike other companies, Atkinsréalis is a people-focused company where you are the product. As an apprentice, you can focus heavily on your personal development. Also, when I started, I didn't have a definite idea of where or what I wanted to do going forward. The variety of opportunities available inside AtkinsRéalis has helped me take a much broader view of my future.

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